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Besttell Investment is interested in mutual beneficial cooperation with investors., just Send us your Marketing Strategy to discuss the situation with our experts.

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Besttell Two tier affiliate program

In a two-tier affiliate program, the first tier of commission is the same as in a regular affiliate program. The only difference is that we have put an additional tier, whereby marketers also earn a commission on investment made by people they referred to the program in 2 levels written in shorthand as tier1/tier2

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The opportunity to be a partner without investing in Besttell Investment or with any amount of investment.

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Our Referral Commissions

Besttell Investment company is interested in mutual beneficial cooperation with investors. That is why we give much attention to promotion of our investment platform, giving a pride place in this affair to our partners.

In order to attract the maximum number of participants, we have developed a partnership program, which allow you to attract new users to the project and to receive income from their activity. You can use this offer as an opportunity to earn income without investment. In aid of our partners we placed advertising materials on the project site; also find a partner link in your personal account.

Hope you will appreciate advantages of the partnership program from our project and will enlarge your income. Hereby we remind you that inviting new participants is not an obligatory condition of cooperation with Besttell Investment – it is just one more way to earn more income, which the innovative company can offer you.


As soon as a member register on our platform with your referral link, you won’t have to do anything else, the bonus will be automatically credited to your account anytime your partner opens a deposit.


All bonus rewards are accrued to your account at the moment when your partner opens a new deposit.Then you can either reinvest these funds or withdraw them to your e-wallet.


You can invest, be a partner or take part in the auction. No restrictions.The opportunity to be a partner without investing in Besttell Investment or with any amount of investment.

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Why choose us - See all we have to offer

To be the top investment platform at this modern, saturated market, it was important to create a solution that is multifaceted and made to anticipate and accommodate the many needs of its users.


24/7 customer support

24/7 customer support, tutorials and extensive and ever expanding FAQ section: every Besttell Investment client receives the VIP treatment.


Modern security system

A modern security system of the highest order combined with Bitcoin as payment processor ensure unparalleled security.


Instant to your wallet

Your profit can be instantly withdrawn, 24 hours, seven days a week in order to keep you in control of your finances.


No Limits

Besttell Investment investment cycles have no limits and can be renewed as many times as you like, you can profit from your investment for a lifetime.


Minimize Risk

Investments are diversified across multiple disconnected fields in order to minimize risk and allow venturing in fields that yield a higher return.


Guaranteed daily profit

Every investor will receive a guaranteed daily profit. This profit will be automatically added to their Besttell Investment wallet balance.


Roadmap and Plans

Besttell Investment is a company with a clear roadmap and expansion plans for the future that will only enhance our customers’ experience.


Daily Return Percentage

The daily return percentage for our offered bundle will generate approximately 50% of profit from your initial investment every month.


strong analysis

We pride ourselves on a strong analytical department that conducts in-depth research on each investment field, continuously optimizing the investment process.


Our Referral Program

Our Referral program provides the possibility to develop your activities into a career for the most active members of our community.


quicker,safety and stable experience

A dedicated server means quicker load times, higher safety and a more stable website experience for all users of the Besttell Investment platform.


generating an additional layer of income

Compounding can be applied to all investment cycles, generating an additional layer of income over time.